“Taking a stand”

Born in 1983, Luis Saldana was born and raised in the island of Puerto Rico by a single mother along with his two siblings. His poor background and the tough environment of the island helped him realize very early on how, while there were some opportunities, the reality was that the stacks are set against the poorest by the richest. Luis joined the United States Army in 2004 and served as an Infantry man while on tour in Iraq for Operation Iraqi Freedom. After coming home from the war, he obtained a Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice. Luis now seeks to further serve his country and fellow citizens by seeking your vote in getting elected as the representative for the 11th district of Florida as a write-in candidate.

“Right or Left, Democrat or Republican; what truly matters is the people and how we serve them, because at the end of the day, that’s the job.” – Luis Saldana